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Papa Made Hand Sanitizer, WHO Recommended Formula

To prevent and combat novel Coronavirus the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 80% ethyl alcohol, but most hand sanitizer in the market now are made between 60 to 70%.

Traditionally, the hand sanitizer is made in gel form which doesn’t last long and difficult to use on difference surfaces. Some hand sanitizers even make skin dry.

The Papa Made Hand Sanitizer, we strongly believe, is most well made hand sanitizer in today’s battle against the novel coronavirus.

Originally, it was made for my family, especially my daughter who became a flight attendant. When she decided to become a flight attendant, I began to worry about various viruses within the confined space. I tested several popular brands of hand sanitizers and it all failed the test. Even with heavy volume of use, bacteria and fungi still survived. I just couldn’t rely on their products and had to make one myself.

A perfect hand sanitizer, “a lean, mean, fighting machine that will protect my baby.” I named it “Papa Made” because I only made it for my family and didn’t plan to sell it as a commercial product. Its not because other families don’t deserve the Papa Made, but because price wouldn’t be right when comparing it with other popular brands. When using proper amount of ingredients with substantial amount of essential oils and aloe vera, the cost of the product doubles or triples.

With coronavirus threatening our nation, people may loose their jobs and our economy can go into recession or even depression. We cannot let that happen. We must get rid of this virus.

Papa Made Hand Sanitizer is made under GMP guidelines and fully registered with FDA. Let’s kick this virus’ butt and keep our babies safe.

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