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What Goes in Hair and Body Mist

The scented hair and body mist is an easy, effortless alternative to traditional perfume. You will feel light, airy, and fresh all day long. It is better than the overpriced perfume or gunky body oil. We decided to develop our version of a hair and body mist and here are few things we thought about. […]

Wig Fresh Launched with a Clear Mission, Eliminate Odor

Don’t throw away that stinky wig, eliminate the odor, and freshen it up. Those of us who wear wigs understand that contact with the head, especially when wet, can lead to an undesirable smell. Second Nature’s Wig Freshener is our solution to that musty scent. By combining the technology used in hand sanitizers with a natural […]

Wigstensions Lace Tin Spray

When you want your wig to look as natural as possible, you need to use Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray! It’s no secret that no matter how natural a lace front, the shine of the lace and the mismatched color gives it away. Using foundation or powders to cover the part can help, but they’re messy, […]