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Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray

Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray For Completely Natural Looking Wigs

Wish you could make your wig look as natural as possible? Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray does exactly that!

Why Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray?

  • Ease of Use
    • Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray is the easiest and most natural-looking lace tinting method available in the market.
      • The easy spray nozzle allows controlled application in an even, seamless manner.
      • The consistency, blending of colors and even base shades create a highly natural look.
  • Hygiene
    • Using foundation or powders to cover the part can be messy and unsanitary.
    • Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray is applied to the interior of the wig resulting in less mess and a cleaner, more professional application.
    • It is water-free, which means it won’t run down your face, when it rains or when you’re sweating and is perfect for all ladies wearing lace wigs.
    • It has a pleasant rose scent to keep your wig smelling great and antibacterial properties that help keep the wig clean.
  • Extensive Color Choices
    • Wigstensions Lace Tint Sprays are available in 3 colors which can blend to create more than 160 custom shades.
      • Mocha – Best for dark skin tones
      • Golden – Ideal for medium-toned skin
      • Beige – Perfect for fair, brown and tanned skin

Make Your Wig Look Natural in Just 3 Easy Steps

  • Flip your wig inside out.
  • Apply Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray to the lace.
  • Let it dry naturally or use a hairdryer on the warm setting to speed up the process. (Apply and dry the spray 3-4 times until you have the color you prefer)