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A Compound Words of Wigs and Hair Extensions.

In 1982

First Encounter with The Wigs

While in high school, I helped a church friend who ran a small wig shop in downtown Kansas City. Washed it, rolled it, and dried it. It was only a few weekends that I helped but it was the best way to learn about the wigs.

In 1992

Look of Powerful Women

As an international journalist, I met powerful women who made history. I quickly learned their image was as important as their leadership skills, and for that, some were wearing top-pieces secretly. You will never notice she was wearing it even up close. The wigs were essence, not just a fashion.

In 2000

Became a Wigmaker

Strangely, history shows every civilization or country that made or wore wigs became prosperous. As the new millennium started, I left the glamour of TV and started a new life as a wigmaker. It had been more than two decades since then. It was both a smooth and rocky road, but more importantly, I am still enjoying it.

A Few Things We Have Done So Far

Kinky Twist

Creating Timeless Design
With help of braiders, we designed twist hair series. The Kinky Twist, Spring Twist, Nubian Twist, Nubi Nubi, Zat Twist, and Kinky Locs

Hair Style Books

Published Best Sellers
Not for money, but solely for fun, we hosted lots of photo shoots. Layout all the images and it became beautiful hairstyle books.

Wigmaker Classes

Secretes Exposed
Created easy to learn methods of training program for new wigmakers. Program was popular and it still is. We just don't have time. Sad.


Leading the Changes
There are many good methods, but there are only a few better methods. In the name of Wigstensions, we are leading the way.
It is the wigmakers who design new hairstyles. It is safer to try different designs on wigs than with a person's own hair. In average, about 80 new wigs are introduced every month. It requires 1 mm or 2 mg of sensitivity to design a wig.
James L.
Wig designer since 1975
Use authentic products, not an imitation. Why disgracing oneself by supporting a thieve's stolen copy. There are no value in joining the criminal acts. The wigs and its care products should make you look beautiful, not disgraceful.
Travis J.
Wigmaker since 2000