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Wig Fresh, The Wig Deodorant

Wigstensions Lace Tint Mini

  • Start by shaking your bottle well.
  • Spray a light layer directly onto clean, dry lace.
  • Dye works better when it is warmer. If blow dryer is used, keep the temperature at warm setting.
  • Spray the tint and dry it with blow dryer
  • Repeat until you get the color you desire.

Hair & Body Mist by The Second Nature

What Took You So Long?

It is the comments I hear the most when consumers see the Wig Fresh for the first time. They realize the absence of wig deodorant all this time. Yes, it is made with awesome fragrance, but more importantly, it is deodorant that actually removes the odor.

Available at Your Local Beauty Supply

Even though we are an indie brand small company, our products can be found at most beauty supply stores nationwide. If you don’t see it, please ask store managers to stock our products for your shopping convenience.

Smart Collaboration

It is better to collaborate than to work alone. In one photoshoot, a dress designer, a jewelry designer, a handbag designer can all come together and turbocharge their indie brands. We welcome your collaboration.

Fundamentally Strong

If you want to succeed in the indie brand market, you must strengthen your basics. We are preparing to offer the Retail Beauty Consultant course online with help of the Cosmetology Board Members soon.

Wholesale & Private Label

We work with many regional distributors. Click the LINK for wholesale order. Our small production line is busy most of the time, but we offer private label service in limited capacity.