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Make Your Wig Look Like Your Natural Hair With Help From a Lace Tint Spray

If you wear a wig, you know it is the perfect way to help enhance your hair. Without having to change your own hair, wearing a wig gives you the chance to go with a different color, length, or style. If you have lost your hair or your hair is thinning, your wig is your best friend. It will give you the full head of hair you are lacking. You want your hair to look natural. However, the lace that lines the inside of your wig can be a problem. If it isn’t the same color as your natural skin tone, it will make the part in your wig and the cap underneath noticeable. In the past, you would need to use powders and other cosmetics to deal with this problem. Using a light brown lace tint spray is an easy solution.

Make Your Wig Look Like It Is a Part of You

A light brown lace tint spray gives you a simple fix when you want to make your wig look like it is an extension of your own scalp. All you need to do is turn your wig inside out. Apply the spray in even layers. You can use your hairdryer on the warm setting to make sure it is completely dry. This will also help to set the dye. Apply the spray and dry three or four times until you have the color you prefer. As soon as you put your wig on, you’ll notice the difference.

Help Your Wig to Last Longer

When you use a light brown lace tint spray on your wig, you’ll be adding antibacterial protection that will be better for your scalp. The spray will add a pleasant scent to your wig as well, keeping it fresh. Tint spray is a plus for your care kit to keep your wig looking its best.

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