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Wig Styling

At Bella Crown, where high-end wigs are sold and styled, expensive handmade wigs became surprisingly popular lately. Unlike inexpensive, synthetic, fashion wigs, which you may consider as a “disposable wigs,” a human-hair, individually hand-knotted lace wigs should be cared for and styled as your own hair, or perhaps more than your own hair.

There are thousands of different things to discuss when it comes to styling and maintaining a wig. We cannot discuss all that on this page. But I like to list a few headings for you to think about.  

Just as You Style Your Own Hair

  • Don’t be afraid of styling your wigs. It doesn’t bite.
  • First, visualize your style in your head.
  • Prepare all your styling tools and products as if you are a professional wig stylist.
  • Be patience, section hair and work one section at a time.

[Photo credit: Bella Crown]
A client wore this wig for awhile and brought it to Bella Crown for service. A wig stylist, Rochelle, shampooed, conditioned, and styling the wig.] 

This is an old wig, but look how beautiful it is now. Looks fresh and new.

Good Tools to Have When Styling a Wig

  • Mannequin head that you can pin it. There are service mannequin specifically for wig styling. It is different from display mannequin.
  • T-pin to secure your wig on the mannequin.
  • Heat tools such as blow-dryer, flat-iron. Depending on your style.
  • Duckbill Clip or Alligator Clip.
  • Sigle prong or Double prong hair clips
  • Styling products depending on your style


EXTRA TIP:  Wig Under-tone

  • Just like skin, the wigs also has under-tone. 
  • Use wig caps that is close to your skin tone, rather than hair color.

Work the Edges

Beauty is in the details. Treat yourself as how you want others to treat you. In our world, one is loved and respected more so than another. It’s because one treats herself more than the other.

Giving more energy into a few small details are how to treat yourself better, bringing spotlights on you, make you feel wonderful, and beloved and cherished by others.

Here is a good example.

Tianna at Bella Crown (Clinton, MD shop), colored and styled this wig for her client. This beautiful wig is waiting for a client to come and be fitted.
Monica at Bella Crown (Clinton, Maryland shop) colored it and Tianna styled it after a client purchased this high-end handmade wig.

Lace Trimming

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Shampoo Service –

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How to Shampoo Synthetic Wigs

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How to Shampoo Human-hair Wigs

Which Styling Products to Use When Styling a Wig

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