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Wigstensions Lace Tin Spray

When you want your wig to look as natural as possible, you need to use Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray! It’s no secret that no matter how natural a lace front, the shine of the lace and the mismatched color gives it away. Using foundation or powders to cover the part can help, but they’re messy, and it can be unsanitary.

In comes Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray!

Our Lace Tint Spray is the easiest and most natural looking lace tinting method on the market. The easy spray nozzle allows you controlled application in an even, seamless manner. The consistency, blending of colors, and even the base shades on their own allow for a highly natural look. Wigstensions lace tint spray is applied to the interior of the wig, this not only means less mess, but allows for cleaner, more professional application.

Along with making your wig look more natural, Wigstensions Lace Tint Spray comes with several other benefits!

  • The spray has a pleasant rose scent to keep your wig smelling great.
  • More importantly, the spray has antibacterial properties that help keep your wig clean and make it last longer.

Three Shades

Currently, there are three shades available that can all be mixed to create a custom color.

Perfect for fair brown and tanned skin, beige is a neutral yellow with cool undertones.

Ideal for medium toned skin, golden is a mid-range brown base with warm undertones.

Best for dark skin tones, Mocha is a deep and rich brown with cool undertones.

Suggested Way To Use

  1. Start by shaking your bottle well to mix pigment and liquid ingredients.
  2. Place your wig or unit inside out and place it on a stand.
  3. Spray a light layer directly onto clean, dry lace. Do not spray too much.
  4. Dye works better when it is warmer. If blow dryer is used, keep the temperature at warm setting. Avoid wet tint to spread onto the hair fiber.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you get the color you desire.
  6. Wipe off remaining tint from the lace or rinse unit with cold water.
  7. For more effective results, bleach the knots on your wig before applying lace tint.


Over time, and particularly in the summer, dirt from the air, moisture, and even sweat combine to create an ideal place for bacteria to grow. If left unchecked this can cause your wig to deteriorate, knot, and mat much faster.

Wigstensions Wigfreshener is there to eliminate odor causing bacteria and freshen up your wigs.

Regardless Of Your Skin Tone, We Have the Wig Tint Spray to Suit You

The ultimate goal of wearing a wig is to make it appear as close to your natural hair as possible. Wigs serve a number of purposes, including being protective of your natural hair, but if your lace wig cap doesn’t match your skin color, your wig can look unflattering. Using traditional methods of blending such as powders or foundations can solve the problem temporarily, but can be messy, unsanitary or run when you sweat or it rains.

Top-Of-The-Line Product for a Natural, Seamless Wig Match

Wigstentions tint spray is the highest-quality wig spray on the market. With a variety of colors and spray nozzle that allows for consistent application, this product gives our customers the most control possible over your wig lace blending. Depending on your complexion, we have three different sprays to help you get the perfect tone. For example, our dark brown wig tint spray is perfect for those with darker, cooler complexions. Our three color mixtures can be mixed and sprayed to create over 160 different shades, meaning that you will be able to find the perfect shade for you. Our spray tints your wig to match your hair natural color, making it the most natural looking spray out there. Our wig spray is water-free, meaning that it will not drip or run down your face, allowing you to wear it to the gym or to the beach. Along with customizability, our wig spray offers many other advantageous features, such as a lovely rose scent and antibacterial properties that help protect your wig for longer.

Quality Wholesale of Lace Frontal Tinting Spray

Our lace tint spray is perfect for creating a natural fit between your skin tone and wig lace. A mess-free, affordable, customizable product destined to make day to day wig application easier and more sanitary. Order our Wigstentions lace spray online or ask for it at your local beauty supply store.

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