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The classes are scheduled by the demand. 

HAIR PROSTHESIS 301:  Standard Hair Prosthesis

This course aims to set up students with a solid foundation about wigs and hair extensions. This ranges from gaining an understanding of the structure, manufacturing process, characteristics of different fibers, differences found in different base materials and even maintenance. In addition, students will learn to measure hairlines and head sizes, create patterns for molds, fill out worksheets for custom manufacturing and how to conduct wig fittings.

The clients that suffer from chemo, alopecia, and other diseases due to medical reasons are the clients that we provide a custom-made wig.  By measuring their scalp to make sure it will not be too tight or too loose, we are able to provide the one and only wig for them.


Non-Licensed Cosmetologists

  • Beauty 101: Retail Beauty Business Practices
  • Beauty 102: Retail Beauty Wigs and Hair Extensions

Licensed Cosmetologists

  • None

Duration: 12 hours (2 days)

To pass, you must be able to demonstrate wig styling, maintenance, head measuring and create patterns to receive certifications.

Classes are Held the Major Cities Around the Country

This program is provided by BBIM, Inc. a research and training institution specialized in personal care products, wigs and hair extensions.